We deliver effective, compassionate and innovative care within a community environment. We centre our care planning around the person and work with individuals and families to build the right support for all of their needs within the community.

We provide supported living

Creating a support environment within the community aimed at people seeking greater independence

Providing privacy and independence of living in their own home

24-hour Support if required

Person-centred support plans for individual needs

Social and reintegration events with peer support focus

Enhancing confidence, building life skills and maximizing working opportunities

Embracing the latest technology to build effective processes

People We Support

Go Smart Care Mental Health

Mental Health

We provide a variety of high-quality services for people who experience complex mental health issues and are finding it difficult to engage in the process of recovery due to their condition and treatment resistant nature. We provide support in a therapeutic and low stress accommodation, where we can work with the individual at a pace they are comfortable with in order to begin the road to recovery and independence.

Our style is person-centred. This means that we involve both the individual in their care and, where practical, their families and relevant support networks in the planning and delivery of their care and support.

We chose to implement a non-direct approach to treatment, therefore rather than looking to ‘cure’ an illness we explore and discover areas where we can support the individual to make progress in their lifestyle, which will improve their mental health state. This approach has seen an increase in the person’s sense of self-worth and confidence, with greater participation in their recovery to independence.

Learning Disabilities

We have a successful record in providing community-based services to people with learning disablities and believe that their rights are the same as anyone else. Embracing a social model of inclusion and integration, we support individuals to have a choice over their daily lives and have the possibility to create their own pathway to independence.

Essential to our practice is partnership working with the individual at the centre of the decision-making process. A person-centred approach is always implemented to all work carried out with the person, empowering them to have an active role in their communities and promoting self-responsibility.

Go Smart Care Learning Difficulties
Go Smart Care Vulnerable Adults

Vulnerable Adults

We care for all individuals who are aged 18 and over and require our services due to their vulnerability and who may, temporarily, or longer-term, need additional care and support to look after themselves or who are powerless to protect themselves from substantial harm or exploitation.

Included in this group may be individuals with:

  • Mental Health Disturbances
  • Drug & Alcohol history
  • Physical Health Illness
  • Pervasive developmental disorder
  • Learning Disabilities

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

We recognise that people with ASD process information in their brain differently than others and that this can create difficulties for that individual such as in social communication, lack of social reciprocity and difficulty developing and maintaining peer relationships. Communication can also be expressed in distressed behaviours.

We offer an experienced staff team to support the individual with Autism or Asperger’s, adopting a Positive Behavioural Support approach within a caring and nurturing environment

Go Smart Care Learning Difficulties

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Core Values



  • We are committed to building independence
  • We make a positive difference to people's lives
  • We respond with compassion and kindness to each person's pain, distress or individual need



  • We will treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We first seek to understand before being understood
  • We value every person as an individual



  • We will always strive to produce excellence
  • We will embrace people’s individuality and creativity
  • We will be proactive


With these values:

  • I Will Care
  • I Will Respect
  • I Will Innovate
  • I Will Demonstrate