Our Vision

“Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.''

Our History

Go Smart Care is a service that has been registered with the CQC since 2019, operating in the London region, However there is a large history of care throughout our organisation as part of the Jeesal Group.

With over 30 years of experience in caring for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities we are equipped to support individuals who need it within the community.

Our vision is simply for People with Learning Disabilities to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.

This is supported by everyone who is part of our organisation, which is built on our vision and our core values.

Go Smart Care has a passion for supporting the needs of individuals in a community environment, we are committed to get individuals out of restricted environments and support them to develop life skills that equip them to live a happy life within their communities.

Go Smart Care Values

Core Values



  • We are committed to building independence
  • We make a positive difference to people's lives
  • We respond with compassion and kindness to each person's pain, distress or individual need



  • We will treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We first seek to understand before being understood
  • We value every person as an individual



  • We will always strive to produce excellence
  • We will embrace people’s individuality and creativity
  • We will be proactive


With these values:

  • I Will Care
  • I Will Respect
  • I Will Innovate
  • I Will Demonstrate