Go Smart Care promotes building independence with technology

At Go Smart Care building independence is our grounding value. Throughout the entire workflow system we strive steadfastly to ensure freedom and ease prevails. Our accolades and deeply caring team of staff provide care from a person centred perspective and not a career focused perspective which takes away the human like characteristics that distinguish our caring staff.

Our staff build interpersonal connections within the lives of service users building real relationships with them. Through the building of such a personal connection with the service users, staff members can then become revving and firing engines ensuring independence is always laced into the service users lives. Custom systems play a huge part as Jeesal Care injects freedom into every aspect of their care facilities. At Jeesal Care Residential Services locations many liberating activities take place from horse riding, dog walking and fishing.

Daily plans are set out using the Pandora X Care system installed on residential managers tablets which are then updated on the system for the care staff to easily view via the Pandora Care application on their tablets. The use of custom systems and portals such as the Pandora X Care System allows for freedoms to reign in the tenants/'s lives in a time that can be difficult and straining.

In any organisation incident planning is paramount to allow continued success. With the Pandora X Care system staff can swiftly report incidents to the resident managers and any relevant people/professionals. This allows for the resident managers to analyse and adequately map out how to avoid these instances from reoccurring. Custom systems such as the Pandora X Care system is the main contributor that allows Jeesal Residential Care Services to continually build independence.


What We Do

Go Smart Care have a variety of services available to meet the needs of individuals this includes accommodation and individualised care packages. We recognise that some individuals will require one to one support, or more, and this can be provided.

People We Support

Mental Health Learning Disabilities Vulnerable Adults Autistic Spectrum Disorders