Go Smart Care have a variety of services available to meet the needs of individuals this includes accommodation and individualised care packages. We recognise that some individuals will require one to one support, or more, and this can be provided.


GoSmartCare believes in caring forward, embracing forward thinking and innovation in everything that we do. Our services embrace technology to ensure effective recording and reporting through the use of our software systems. All of our care workers record information using tablets or mobile devices in live time to ensure the best and most effective care for our service users

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Go Smart Care Community visits
Go Smart Care Activities


Activities are a major key in developing life skills for the individuals in our care. At GoSmartCare we schedule activities to take place on a daily place such arts and crafts, sports, and IT development among many others. We ensure that all our schedules are person centred and that there are a range of options provided to all individuals within our service. We embrace technology and software not only to schedule activities but to record and produce effective reporting that can be shared with friends and family.

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Community visits

Community visits are a key part of the process to integrate individuals back into the community. We support and encourage all individuals to go out into the community with staff support. Participating in activities such as going to the cinema or going swimming at the local swimming pool helps to build self-esteem for the individual and boosts confidence. We encourage development and help guide individuals within our services to further their skills by enrolling onto courses which will provide them with the life skills to be able to cope independently. Just like everything else we do at GoSmartCare we embrace a person centred approach with our community visits and base this on the interests and development requirements of the individual.

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Go Smart Care Community visits
Go Smart Care Smart Medication

Smart Medication

Medication is a key component within our services, ensuring the stability of the individuals within our care. We have taken effective measures that ensure all individuals and services remain compliant with their medication. Our in-house technology and software systems have been developed for individuals to be prompted to their devices when to take their medication at the right times, these systems are not only compliant with the administering of medication but also the reporting of this entire process.

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Our approach


At Go Smart Care we focus on Person centred care as we see it is a vital factor in the support  we provide. Our approach enables us to develop good relationships with families and social services to build the right package for the people we support. We firmly believe that developing our support plans with families allows us to gather information and key factors which may not be known and then which we can then implement into support plans. We have a vision to demonstrate our approach and we execute that vision with honest and transparent communication with all parties involved. 


Person centred care for Go Smart Care is not just about how you develop your support plans but also providing the individual you care for with choice. Providing choice is a vital factor. We give choice in every decision that has to be made, this can include choice of bedroom, choice of activities and more importantly the choice of choosing your allocated support worker. Providing choice is person centred care as it allows the support we provide to be built and implemented to the individuals wishes. This is how we define person centred care. 


Our support plans are developing as soon as we are aware of an individual coming into our care, the way we gather information and interpret this information allows for our support plans to be person centred. 

Get Involved - Friends and Family

Welcome Home

When we have a new service user move into one of our accommodations they are provided with a welcome home leaflet which has the information about the service, key worker, health and safety, community and more. This booklet is designed to make the service user feel at home and comfortable.

My New Home

This is a booklet with information of the service user journey from the point in which they move in highlighting key things such as skills learned, things they like to do, activities they have done and anything else they want to include. After 3 months of being in our service this booklet will be sent to friends and family so they can see what the service user has been up to and his/hers feedback about Go Smart Care.